Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Supermom: What's it gonna take....

Supermom: What's it gonna take....: "I am writing this with a heavy heart. I spent the day in Birmingham filming profiles of children waiting to be adopted, like every time we..."

What's it gonna take....

I am writing this with a heavy heart. I spent the day in Birmingham filming profiles of children waiting to be adopted, like every time we do this, and have for the last 11 years, I always meet great kids & with amazing stories. Today was different.

I have been in a place the last couple of months where I have been trying to be still and listen to God for his guidance and direction. I am in a place I call 'clouded counsel'. I know he is putting pieces together for a bigger picture, but he hasn't revealed it all to me. As a planner with no patience, this is a hard place for me to be. I am learning to relax and listen and not get in the way of his plan, but rather be used to fulfill his plan.

Today as I met great kids, there were several common themes. A lot were older, a lot liked Math! A lot made good grades. None of these traits are typical with the stereotype of a foster child. I met a teen girl that uses Art to express herself. A teen boy who plays the saxophone, and uses his music to escape the reality that is his life in foster care.
But there were heart breaks, A beautiful teenage girl, who makes good grades, but was taken from her family because of sexual abuse, separated from her 4 younger siblings, (they have all been placed) she waits.
Another girl who is in care with her brother and sister. She was a happy child. I was numb when I found out later that she witnessed her mother kill another sibling. Devastating.

So I come back from spending the day with these kids, still in 'clouded counsel', but with a refocused purpose. I have no doubt I am right where God needs me to be, but I have got to do more.

It's not ok these children are living a life in foster care, without knowing what it feels like to be part of a family forever!

Now the challenge of how do I make other people care about these kids?

Friday, August 20, 2010


It's with a cloudy mind I write this post and not just because I'm sleepy. I read an article in the paper recently that I just can't seem to get over. The article was talking about how "capri" pants are out and have been for a while. REALLY?!
This article forced me to do some investigative reporting!
My research led me to 4 conclusions:
1) There are ALOT of women who wear CAPRI'S!!!!
2) There are ALOT of stores that sell CAPRI's!!!
3) There are ALOT of us that like CAPRI's!!
4) There are even more who NEED CAPRI's!
allow me to elaborate...(some might call it vent)
1) ALOT of women wear Capri's: In my unscientific research, I have seen hundreds of ladies in the last several weeks since reading the article that said they are out, actually wear them.....hmm....
2) In the past 2 weeks I have been to 2 malls, and I was amazed how many stores sold capri pants.
3) I admit, I like Capri's! There are just sometimes you can't wear shorts, and it's just too hot to wear pants, ta-da! enter the capri! You can dress them up with the right shoes & shirt, and even a blazer! It's the perfect article to dress up or down! In my opinion, a must have!
4) and for some, a must need. Now let's be honest... Capri's cover! Shorts, like spandex, are a privilege, not a right! and for that, they deserve a beautification award!

So my suggestion solution... Let's just change the name! Instead of "Capri's", we can call the "Lepris", I would not mind them being named after me.
So whose with me??? LEPRIS WEARERS UNITE!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

In the blink of an eye....

Tomorrow is one of the biggest days in Ella's life, her first day in Kindergarten. She is so excited! We went and got a new lunch box, I have her the cutest dress to wear, just like I did the day we brought her home from the hospital. Where did 5 years go? Everyone with children has warned me 'they grow up so fast'! They sure do! These 5 years have flown by in the blink of an eye!
I remember her first Easter dress, it was purple. her first Halloween costume, she was a pumpkin. The dress she wore at her first birthday party, it was pink gingham & I made it just for her! How can my baby be a Kindergarten girl?!! She may be ready, but I'm sure not!
I can remember so much from Kindergarten, I was in Mrs. Williams class. I wore my Red & navy 'zoom' stripped shirt for my school picture, I was missing one of my front teeth. I remember I had the chicken pox that year, and got better just in time to go to the Thanksgiving Party that we had in Mrs. Brann's room. I also remember how big I thought I was, how independent I wanted to be.......
She is so excited, and I don't want to do anything to spoil her excitement, I mean, being in kindergarten is big stuff! But I know as I drive away tomorrow I will cry just like she did the first time she was hungry, or when she fell and skinned her knee when she was learning to walk. I'll mourn how fast her childhood will pass, but I know I can't dwell or linger...that would be selfish. I must choose to be present in then present, because that will be the best gift I can give to the both of us! (and of course, waterproof mascara!)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Precious, priceless friendships

Most of us can count on one hand the number of true friends we have. These are the friends that are there through thick & thin, ups & downs, good & bad.
I'm very blessed to have just these type of friends. They lift you up when you are down, text you when you need them. My friend is Dana. She and Keith have been our closest friends for years. We are incredible shopping buddies, beach bums & belly laughers! We have suffered together through the agony of waiting to be blessed with children, and celebrated when our prayers were answered.
She texted yesterday when I was at the hospital to check on daddy, and like a true she said 'let me know if you need anything.' There are always people that offer that, but few that truly mean it. So my response was 'come get me and let's eat Mexican!' They did, and what a nice break from the stressful day to spend some time with Dana, Keith, A & C. I'm so thankful to have friends like that, aren't you?!

Up all night

I think I'm the last person in America to start a blog. I hear my friends talking about their blogs, updating their blogs, blah blah blog.... ;)
But since I'm up at 2 in the morning, that seemed like the perfect time to start a blog!
It will take me a couple of days to post pictures and 'customize' the appearance, but I'll do that soon....maybe;)
I'm up because it's hard to sleep in a hospital recliner. It's also hard to sleep when one of your favorite people that you love In the world is laying in pain.
My daddy and I have always been close, he says it best "it's hard to believe you're adopted, because we think, and act and react the same way to so many things."
He's in for Kidney stones, the doctor says it's impassable (at 5cm, I'd say so!)
So they started a 3 week process Monday that will involved 2-3 surgeries.
When mom called Monday morning to tell me they were going to have to operate, she said "your daddy said not to come". Yeah right, I was on the road to Kentucky within the hour, watching the clock and the speedometer the whole way, I wanted to make if before they tooknhim to surgery. I called mom to let her know I was on my way, but told her not to tell daddy cause I knew he would worry.
I made it in time, when I walked in, he teared up.
How could I not be there for the people who have always been there for me?